About Us


Our company NKS Cable has taken its place among the leaders in this sector by establishing its own production facility in 1998 with own brand, thereby became most preferable brand in local and overseas markets. With technological investments and professional staff of engineers, NKS Cable has been awarded ISO 9001: 2015, operational system quality and TSE and TSEK product quality certificates with our production aim based on national and international standards.


NKS Cable offers and applies different solutions for its customers by producing special designed cables for our customers’ demands and needs.


One of the main goals of our company is to widen our place in Turkish and overseas market by renewing our manufacturing machinery parkour to latest and modern technologies. We also provide most economical and applicable solutions by researches of our R & D department which follows newly approached tehcnologies and solutions in our global and constantly evolving world.


NKS Cable has adopted the principle of gaining the trust and satisfaction of its customers with its economical price, on-site and timely service, quality product equation for the products which we produce.

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